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Wireless Barcode Scanner CMOS Barcode Reader 1D 2D Handheld Bar Code Scanner

Wireless Barcode Scanner CMOS Barcode Reader 1D 2D Handheld Bar Code Scanner
For Receipt Cash Register Inventory Bank Cheque
This is a wireless 2.4g handheld barcode scanner with high cost–performance Ratio. The product has excellent paper and screen barcode scanning performance. It has high-Speed Reading capability and it can quickly read fuzzy, damaged, reversed, color, incomplete 1D or 2D barcode, besides, SD5230 can work in a wide range of temperature and humidity under various lighting environments (including completely dark environments). With an advanced image recognition algorithm., SD5230 is suitable for smart scenarios such as restaurant, supermarket, hotel, governments and so on.


We do OEM orders, something like Design, Structural construction, Molding, Project Design, etc.

Like PCB design as:

OEM for pcb structural design

Performance Parameter Performance Parameter
Optical Source white
Capture pixel 640*480 ( 0.3 mega pixels )
Barcode Types 1D:Codabar、Code39、Interleaved2of5、NEC2of5、Code93、 GS1-DataBar、


2D:QR code、Data Matrix、PDF417、Aztec Code
transmission mode 2.4G
transmission distance 0-30m
Working mode Normal、Inventory mode, non-loss patterns;
transmission mode USB
Matching method scanning match
Printing contras ≥20%
Image Resolution QR≥7mil,code128≥5mil,code39≥5mil
Reading Agle Deflection 360°,Rotate 40°, Tilt40°
Scanning angle 36°(Level),27°(vertical)
Depth Filed Code39(5mil) 3-9cm
Code39(13mil) 4-20cm
QR(15mil) 3-17cm
Screen QR(23mil) 10-50cm
Data Interface Port TTL-232,USB
Voltage DC +3.3v±5%
Working Current 200mA
Indicator Siren and LED light,Notify Vibrate
Memory capacity 1500Mah
Battery capacity 2M(Around 80000pcs messages)
Scanning method manual trigger/continuous scanning/Automatically Inductive
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Ambient illumination Normal indoor light beat
relative humidity 5% ~ 95%(Non condensing)
Cable length 1.5 m
Product size 190mm*109mm*85mm
Packing box 20cm x 11cm x 8cm
N.W 200g
G.W 300g

wireless 2.4G 1D 2D barcode reader

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