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Real Time GPS Guard Tour System Software Download Monitoring Management Solution Guard Patrol 4G

Real Time GPS Guard Tour System is a software-based monitoring and management solution designed for security personnel to track their patrolling activities in real-time. It is a system that provides real-time tracking of security guards as they perform their duties, by using portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices.
The software can be downloaded and installed on the mobile devices carried by security guards, which are equipped with GPS tracking technology. The system is capable of monitoring the guards’ movements and locations in real-time, allowing the security company to ensure that the guards are performing their assigned duties and completing their patrols.


The system also integrates with other security systems, such as surveillance cameras and intrusion detection alarms, to provide a complete security solution for the client. 4G technology is used to ensure that the data transmission is fast, reliable and secure. In summary, the Real Time GPS Guard Tour System helps security personnel to enhance their performance and efficiency while providing clients with a reliable and comprehensive security solution.

1. Shell: ABS material is anti-skid and shockproof, designed to prevent low temperatures, waterproof and resistant to falling,

2. Transmission mode: Supports 4G transmission, real-time data upload, and can be accessed on the

View and manage data on computer websites or mobile phones, enabling wireless uploading of data,

3. Equipped with lighting function, convenient for night patrol,

4. Large capacity storage: can store 60000 inspection records (the actual storage capacity is about 57000),

5. Direct charging, power supply method: using high-energy polymer soft bags,

6. The 7V rechargeable lithium battery can be charged, and the charging method is to use a separately worn suction cup charging method,

7. Size: 137mm * 32mm * 51mm,

8. Communication method: 4G/USB, with display screen: OLED display screen,

9. Battery life: Fully charged, can read cards 5000 times continuously,

10. Card reading distance: 3-5 CM induction reading Card,

11. Indication method: light/voice/vibration prompt,

12. Work efficiency: 125KHZ,

13. Working environment: Able to work in an environment of -20C~+80C

12. Product matching: patrol machine * 1, patrol points * 15, personnel card * 5, charging cable+charging head * 1, protective cover * 1, certificate of conformity * 1, User manual * 1, CD * 1.


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