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New technology of 2D Desktop barcode scanner for Nucleic Acid Test


Since COVID is here to stay for some more time, I believe every facility may it be a company, factory, warehouse, or plant will need this kind of smart automated solution.

I don’t know what can we do for this world, but as a technology company, we should do our best to make it better.

We now develop a new desktop scanner for the hospital of the Nucleic Acid Test, with high speed, wide scanning angle, and long-distance reading the codes.

And this is not only used for hospitals, we know worldwide, but there are also more and more logistics and shops just like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Wish….they might need to write an AWB to send goods. And to save time, they can use a mini wearable barcode QR code scanner.

It supports RS232 or USB interface, and I am happy to share all the parameters if you are interested. And we do have many models like passport barcode reader, ID card barcode reader, waterproof and 3 meters shock resistance barcode scanner.

And as because we are 10 years experience in this field, so we do accept OEM/ODM orders, small moq like 10 pcs/20pcs/50pcs. And we do wanna source an agent who can sell our products.

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