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New special design of barcode scanner


Have you ever sought a barcode reader with an outstanding performance in reading small barcodes for pharmacy?

As now in the barcode scanner industry, some of our current customers required new and special designs. We have developed some fashion shapes to meet their needs.

This is a new model of portable 2D barcode scanner with 2.4G wireless or 433M transmission way, employs with advanced decoding algorithm and high-performance processing chip.

Our main technology at this model is Wireless transmission distance is 80-100 meters, which means you can use this barcode scanner in 80 meters far away from the computer, it still works well. And as this is a wireless scanner, you can use it more than 100,000 times if the battery is in full charge. It is a convenient and good hand feeling design, when I send this to our customers, they are all interested in getting samples to see and check the quality.

In only one week, we sent 10 samples to 5 different customers. So I think this model could be more popular in the next months. If you have any questions or want to see the parameters I am happy to do that to send you all the documents.

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