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2D QR Code Passport Barcode Reader


We notice that when you go to airport, the staff will ask you to show the airport. And we got the requests from som countries that they need a scanner which can read the airport to save time.

We spent times to develop a model, which especially can read passport and ID card, this is our new technology in this field. It is with camera function and has high reading performance, and mega pixels. And the transmission distance is around 50 meters, that means you can hold the barcode scanner in 50 meters faw away from the computer, it can still work.

And it can also read barcodes in different conditions, damaged, dirty, poor-printed, low-contrast etc, and normal codes as below:
1D:Codabar、Code39、Interleaved2of5、NEC2of5、Code93、 GS1-DataBar、
2D:QR code、Data Matrix、PDF417、Aztec Code.

I know now it is now so good in the world and not as more people to go out, everybody is not easy at these times, but I think the virus will be gone very soon and this passport barcode scanner will be in a good useful field.

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